The Difference Between Czech and Slovak Language

Slovak isn't a dialect of the Czech

Michaela Grek
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What it’s like for a Slovak citizen to live in the Czech Republic

Born and bred in Slovakia, I grew up having access to both Slovak and Czech languages. TV programs, entire Czech channels, music bands, voice dubbing as well as books have been favored by many Slovaks for as long as I can remember. A large number of big movies and sitcoms sound better with Czech dubbing, except for the Garfield movies, Friends (1994–2004), or Two and a Half Men (especially episodes with Charlie Sheen).

I’ve lived in Prague for almost 6 years and not once have I felt unwelcome, unwanted, or otherwise ostracised. It’s no secret Czechs and Slovaks relate to each other as brothers and sisters. We share more than just a common border which was non-existent during the 75 years of being one nation — Czechoslovakia (1918–1993).

I used to speak Czech when I first came here mainly to show gratitude and pay my respect to the country.

However, I now speak Slovak about 80–90% of the time and rarely deal with any misunderstandings or rejection. Quite on the contrary, the Slovak language seems to be viewed as endearing. Czechs tend to enjoy the softness of our language and the many different words and slang we use.

Listening to and speaking Czech is one thing but writing is a whole other story. As I attempt to write that email in the Czech language I tend to question every other word, its spelling, and proper conjugation or declension. It can get overwhelming, hence sticking to Slovak is often easier. Thank Goodness for Autocorrect.

The difference between the Czech and Slovak language

While it’s possible to find TV programs and various videos with a mixed cast of Czech and Slovak actors, it’s now becoming increasingly rare. The two countries proudly strive to keep loyal to their national languages. As a result, the younger generation (or anyone below the age of 20) often struggles to interact with the opposite language. This is especially true for the young Czech citizens who don’t seem to come into contact with Slovak as often, if not at all.



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