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Michaela Grek
3 min readOct 17, 2021


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It’s being who we are and how we feel about the world. The way we express tells us how we allow success, or not. The more of the beautiful, good, and positive we share, the more we get back and experience.

Even when we’re using pretty words and good feeling words to express something in order to fix something that’s bothering us we’re introducing resistance.

Feel first, express next.

Whatever is going on with us emotionally; it’s going to come out in one way or another.

Resisting negative emotions is still resistance…So sometimes the best way is through. Let yourself feel, and express yourself in a place you feel safe.

Don’t be part of the problem, but the solution. Be an expression of love, joy, and clarity, as well as excellence and action.

Express, release, relax, and move on.

Tool #1: Express more from your core

Express to increase and open yourself to the good in life!

Let the majority of your expression (speaking, messaging, posting, sharing, tweeting, creating, etc.) come from a place of clarity, excellence, fun & love. Inspire, educate, or entertain rather than complain or criticize.

Tool #2: ER & chill

When you’ve done your best to shift to a better feeling place and resistance is still present, sometimes the best way is through.

a) Give yourself permission to feel however you feel and know it really is okay — and say to yourself out loud:

I feel______and that’s okay.

b) Choose an “expert” that you love and trust who can allow you to express yourself fully while still holding the high ground, or opt to have your ER time in a private space where you can write/speak/cry/scream in a judgment-free zone.

c) Express until you feel a sense of release.
d) Do something to nurture your spirit — be kind and gentle with yourself and focus on something that feels light and easy.

  • meditate
  • spend time in nature



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