Which tool are you going to pick?

Michaela Grek


Photo by Radek Kozák on Unsplash

Find something silly that’ll make you laugh every day. Humor and laughter are some of the closest things to feeling high. It’s the best medicine.

The only trategy of life is forgetting that it’s meant to be a comedy.

Tool #1: Wake up laughing

Let the first thing you see/hear/think be something light and funny (e.g keeping a funny picture by your bed, watching a funny video, or thinking about a funny story/experience).

Tool #2: Get your humor RDA

Find reasons to giggle throughout the day. Spend time with happy, fun people. Find reasons to laugh at yourself. Find videos that tickle you or otherwise entertain you.

Tool #3: Use a little “ridiculous magic”

a) Transform or reframe an unpleasant memory or fear by giving it a new voice or identity (helium-like voice, exaggerated characters, funny-dressed players)

b) Replay your ridiculous version of this (or any) life scene as needed or desired.



Michaela Grek

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