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Michaela Grek
2 min readNov 1, 2021


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Only you know what’s best for you. You’re the expert of your life. No one else can guide you but you.

So trust THYSELF above all else. Trust that contrast is really there for you not against you. It exists to help you choose flow or upgrade your life; always.

Trust your dreams and visions to show you the way through the path of least resistance.

Tool #1: Replay the trust tapes

a) Think about one or many things that truly matter to you that come to you in magical and unexpected ways.
b) Make a list of images of these events along with any bullet points or details that really made you feel blessed.
c) Create a memory notepad to keep with you.
d) Revisit your stories daily or as needed to remind yourself that things can and do work out for you.

Tool #2: Boost your daily Trust Factor (TF)

Make a note or list of all the good things that flow your way daily, including:

  • awesome animal sights
  • songs
  • numbers that line up or meaningful numbers that repeat
  • messages or symbols
  • cool interactions or connections with friendly, helpful, and happy people
  • things working out in fun ways
  • unexpected gifts or blessings



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