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Michaela Grek
1 min readMay 1, 2021
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It’s the 1st of May — the beginning of another month. What is it that you appreciate? What are you grateful for? There are countless things in our lives to say thank you for.

appreciation = increase in value

Focus on something that’s easy to appreciate when in the middle of whining or complaining. Say THANK YOU in advance. Say it to others and to yourself — you’ve come a long way. Criticize less, appreciate more.

Tool #1: Daily appreciation list

Make sure you’re already in a good state of mind. Find a place and time early in the day where you can focus and relax. List or record things you can easily appreciate today. Things that you DO HAVE or LIKE not negatives or lack of things. Review this list before sleep.

Tool #2: Share the love daily

Appreciate or praise at least one person in some way daily “just because”! Do something nice for yourself.

Tool #3: Thanks in advance!

Wake up with an appreciation:

Thank you for my life & for all the good that comes to me today!

Align with the feeling of knowing that your dreams and visions are a DONE DEAL.



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