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Michaela Grek
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Energy grows and life flows where we’re authentic in life. Being yourself, being able to express your natural feelings and emotions GIVES us energy, whereas trying to hide them or be someone else or do something that’s not natural to us TAKES energy.

Tool #1: The 7-year-old exercise

a) Start with this premise & choose your stance:


I have infinite time, infinite money, and the infinitely free mind of a child! What can I do with my time & life?


What if…?

b) Set a timer for 7 minutes.
c) Write or type whatever comes into your mind and do it as quickly as possible.
d) Repeat this daily for 7 days (or for as long as it feels good).

Tool #2: Create your joy list & feed your fire!

Make a list that includes:

a) The top 3–5 things that keep showing up — these are core passions that are calling you right now.
b) Add some of the other items that showed up during the exercise that feel doable and give you a happy feeling.
c) Add more fun activities that add sparkle to your life as you’re inspired to do so.
d) Keep the list in a place you’ll see every day, let it be one of the first things you see.
e) Do at least one thing on your joy list every day!

Tool #3: Do what you love or find the love in it

a) Do what you love as much as possible every day of your life!
b) Infuse your experience with as many pleasant things as possible (wear your fave clothes to activities that you sometimes drag)
c) Find the love in any action

Before you take action, answer any or all of these questions:

- Why does this feel like the best thing to do right now?
- What good could be found in this experience?
- Who/How many people could benefit from me doing this well?
- How can I honor myself in the process?

Once you feel good or at least better, then take action.




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