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Michaela Grek
3 min readJul 10, 2021


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The main thing you can own is your vibe and your attitude. Only you can ensure you experience emotional steadiness.

Live in the world of VICTORY not VICTIMHOOD.

Start looking for evidence for what you want, not for evidence that you can’t have it.

Putting in the effort should be giving you energy, not draining you. Therefore, take inspired action, not forced action out of pressure or fear. Otherwise, get off the subject and focus on something that gives you energy.

Enjoy the journey as the journey is also the destination.

Let it go to let it grow!

Tool #1: Intention on fire!

a) Focus on what you want.
- start with a general intention (how you want to feel)
- get more specific only to the point that still feels good

b) Choose the tone/stance that feels best to you:
“It could be so nice to experience…”
“I’m open and willing to experience…”
“Thank you for my…”

c) Why do I want this? Make a list of all your WHYs.

d) Feed your ‘baby’ by:
- only focusing on your intention when you already feel good
- spending time in environments and experiences that feel like your intention
- focusing on evidence, stories, and thoughts that support the idea that your desire IS possible and can be true for YOU
- allowing time to be a visionary: see beyond what is to consider what could be

e) Let it go to let it grow.

Tool #2: The whole pie

Consider the big picture of what living life on fire truly looks and feels like to you!

a) Choose your position:

“What if my life could look and feel like this?” or “My life looks and feels like this.”

b) Have fun writing about, collecting words that get to the heart of your ideal versions of any or all of the areas…



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