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Michaela Grek
2 min readDec 2, 2021


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This one is one of those things that bring us into an alignment more than anything else. Especially when we choose the adventure ourselves.

Travel light to see your dreams ignite and leave the baggage behind so that you enjoy your current adventure to the max, and allow more awesome adventures.

Tool #1: Find adventure in your own backyard

a) Make a list of things you could do to add a sense of fun adventure in your day-to-day life.

b) Keep your list in a place you can review it daily and choose to engage in at least one adventure daily, weekly, or any time you want to add fun.

  • Gastronomic adventures: tastings; new recipes, restaurants, foods, and drinks from all over the world
  • Outdoor adventures: take a new, more scenic route to or from places you frequent; visit new parks or towns, and hike
  • Indoor adventures: paint a wall; move your furniture, or get new pieces; renovate your home
  • Social and learning adventures: attend classes to learn something new; fun local fest; join a group or meetup
  • Adventures in love: go experience new places and spaces with your love; take a class or learn something new together; leave sweet notes and surprises for your love

Tool #2: Embrace adventure on a larger scale

a) Make a list of the journeys and experiences that are calling you to go beyond your backyard and day-to-day life

  • take that trip or special journey
  • climb that mountain
  • start new business or project
  • change jobs
  • ask that someone out
  • register for that marathon
  • create and/or build something truly amazing
  • master a subject
  • be the beautiful, brilliant, best version of YOU!

b) Keep your list in a place where you can see it/review it daily, and move in that direction of it in some ways every single day.
c) Live at least one of your great adventures annually or as often as feel good and right for you to truly live your life on fire.



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