Which tool are you going to pick?

Michaela Grek
2 min readAug 14, 2021
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Find harmony within yourself and your CORE SELF.

Go where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated!

Everyone wants to feel good. Every individual is, however, responsible for their own experience in this world.

Tool #1: Find points of harmony

a) Think about someone or something in your life that matters to you (could be personal or professional).
b) Make a list or gather pictures of them that are all about their positive aspects and the feel-good subjects you have in common.
c) Focus on this list or photos as it feels good and before connecting with this person or engaging in this experience.
d) Set an intention before connecting with this person or experience.

You can’t hate where you are and start loving it all of a sudden. You need to make peace with it first before harmonizing it.

e) Do your best to focus on positive aspects and your points of harmony during your interaction, even if it’s only one thing.
f) Recap the good you experienced only, or at the very least, give the good more air time than the less-than-fabulous stuff.



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