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Writer & Health Coach from Slovakia 🇸🇰 | ACE-certified PT & Nutrition Specialist | I help women become healthier on the outside & the inside | Sex convos 🌊
Fresh selfie, March 2021

I’m probably like you — I don’t jump at the opportunity to talk about myself. Part of me thinks my life is uneventful and unimportant. That I don’t have much to say about who I am or what I’ve been through. But my memory keeps proving me wrong. There are…

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Find harmony within yourself and your CORE SELF.

Go where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated!

Everyone wants to feel good. Every individual is, however, responsible for their own experience in this world.

Tool #1: Find points of harmony

a) Think about someone or something in your life that matters to you (could be personal or professional).

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The main thing you can own is your vibe and your attitude. Only you can ensure you experience emotional steadiness.

Live in the world of VICTORY not VICTIMHOOD.

Start looking for evidence for what you want, not for evidence that you can’t have it.

Putting in the effort should be…

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Energy grows and life flows where we’re authentic in life. Being yourself, being able to express your natural feelings and emotions GIVES us energy, whereas trying to hide them or be someone else or do something that’s not natural to us TAKES energy.

Tool #1: The 7-year-old exercise

a) Start with this premise & choose…

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It’s the 1st of May — the beginning of another month. What is it that you appreciate? What are you grateful for? There are countless things in our lives to say thank you for.

appreciation = increase in value

Focus on something that’s easy to appreciate when in the middle…

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Nature is a beautiful source of magnificent scenery. All the animals and greenery offer plenty to fill our hearts with joy.

Noticing what happens out in nature could tell us something about ourselves, or where we’re headed.

Honor the natural rhythms of your body:

  • eat when you’re hungry
  • drink when…

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February — the month of love — ended 3 days ago and I just realized that I forgot to write about it. It was the perfect time to talk about custard creams. What do custard creams have to do with love? Two things — they’re quite popular in the UK…

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Focus on the presence of beauty and watch your scenery change right before your very eyes. Turn toward what feeds your soul and more of the same will flow.

Beauty is exponential. One beautiful creation or act can positively affect millions!

Why settle for only a few beautiful moments when…

Running out of ideas for lunch or dinner? Or too busy to make elaborate meals every day? Check out these tasty and nutritious meals you can make in 35 mins or less…

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Turkey/Chicken Lettuce Burger (15–20 min)

Ingredients: chicken/turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, condiments

  1. Cook a chicken/turkey breast and a slice or two…

If you love you some breakfast but struggle to make good choices in the morning because you look like this the first hour of your day:

Photo by Victor Grabarczyk on Unsplash

or like this:

Michaela Grek

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